Story and Illustrations by 

Joseph M. Taylor

When our friends are away, we can feel quite lonely and we might look for comfort and friendship in other places. In The Walking Tree, an adventurous girl named Pen looks to nature and finds an unexpected hand to hold and a new perspective on friendship.


Children's Picture Book 


Artist Joseph Taylor spent eleven months cutting more than one thousand pieces of recycled skateboards and other found wood to create the illustrations that bring this story magically to life. 



 "I received my copy of The Walking Tree the other day, and it was better than Christmas!! The art is fantastic and the story is perfect . It has a beautiful message that speaks to everyone, not just kids. I've read it several times and get more from it each time. The world needs more simple truths like those in your book." 



"I just read our copy to my kids the other day. We had a great conversation about how to care for ourselves when we are feeling sad or alone and how nature can be a friend to us too. Beautifully done!"

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