Title: Battle Within

Dimension: 50"x 40"

Price:$1600 (sold)

Title: Looking Back

Dimension: 36"x 13"

Price:$450 (sold)

Title: The Bigger Picture

Dimension: 36"x24 "

Price:$600 (sold)

Title: Violet Moon

Dimension: 16"x50"

Price:$600 (sold)

Title: Stardust Astroid Space Rhino 

Dimension: 45"x24"

Price:$700 (sold)

Title: Twin Valley

Dimension: 12"x28"

Price:$200 (sold)

Title: Tree On Fire

Dimension: 13"x32"

Price:$350 (sold)

Title: Fox and Hare

Dimension: 36"x13"

Price:$450 (sold)

Title: Goat

Dimension: 13"x13"

Price:$175 (sold)

Title: The Wishing Tree

Dimension: 25"x 25"

Price: $350(sold)

Title: The Sea of Dragons

Dimension: 36"x 50"

Price: $750(sold)

Title: Poppy

Dimension: 12"x 32"

Price: $250(sold)

Title: Purple Rhino

Dimension: 36"x 12"

Price: $450(sold)

Title: Fungi 

Dimension: 24"x 10"

Price: $150(sold)

Title: Another Trip

Dimension: 24"x 10"

Price: $150(sold)

Title: The Battle Within

Dimension: 50"x 40"


Title: Painted Desert

Dimension: 20"x 9"





all rights Joseph Taylor


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