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Title: Everlasting Dreamboat

Dimension: 36"X19" 

Price: $450 (sold)

Title: Between Home

Dimension: 42"x10"

Price: $500 (sold)

Title: Her Mind at the Edge of the Known

Dimension: 20"x 29"

Price: Contact Artist

Title: After The Sea

Commission Night Light

Dimension: 16"X16"

Price: $500 (sold)

Title: Free Enough to Fall

Dimension: 14"x28"

Price: Contact Artist

Title: The Mouth of the Andaman

Dimension: 46"x11"

Price: $500(sold)

Title: Never Beneath 

Dimension: 10"x23"

Price: $250(sold)


Dimension: 7"x14"

Price: $150 (sold)

Title: Shallow Sea III 

Dimension: 18"x18"

Price: $300 (sold)

Title: Complete Room  

Dimension: 18"x30"

Price: $400 (sold)

Title: Divided Sky 

Dimension: 7"x7"

Price: $100 (sold)

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